Monday, November 24, 2008

nonsensical medical students

Doctor-to-Be #1:  So I smoked most of the weed from the other night, but I have a little left over
Me:  Do you smoke up...every day?
Doctor-to-Be #1:  What! I'm not an addict just b/c I smoke-up - besides I smoke cigarettes after b/c they keep me awake and in the zone
Me: Don't you have work tomorrow...
Doctor-to-Be #1: Yeah pretty early actually, but no surgeries, I just stitch some people up sometimes. 

Doctor-to-Be #2: It's so gross!  The women's breasts were swinging like pendulums b/c she's old and they were sagging.
Me:  Um...isn't that kind of insensitive for you to be saying about your own patient?  
Doctor-to-Be #2: hahah yeah I guess...but still dude - it's so gross! hahah

Doctor-to-Be #3: i can't believe they didn't let her in to the club
Me: Yeah dude..pretty lame, they didn't let that guy in either for the same reason
Doctor-to-Be #3: Oh well he definitely shouldn't have been allowed in!
Me: Um..why?  He did the same thing as the girl..
Doctor-to-Be: Yeah...but still...
Me: But still..what?
Doctor-to-Be: hey, wanna get some donuts?
Me: No.

Doctor-to-Be #4: So do you want to get some wine?
Me: Yeah - sure
Doctor-to Be #4: Just to let you know, I drink..but I don't want anyone to know so if we could just keep this between us, that'd be awesome.
Me:  Um..I don't know anyone you know...but all right..

So there you have it - a smoking weed-addicted 2nd year resident, an insensitive 1st year resident, a hypocritical 'unable to form complete thoughts' 2nd year med-student, and a very strange, somewhat anxious PHd student.

My Goal for the future:  Never get sick.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Imagine laughing and laughing till your head is spinning out of control and you literally feel like all your intelligence is floating out of your brain.  The image of information on Systems Architecture, Derivatives, Shakespeare, Poe, Politics, everything everything shooting out of your brain, falling onto the wooden floor, and slipping into its cracks, lost to you forever.  Imagine just laughing, as if it is all just a hilarious joke. Laughing and then scared, scared that you'll never regain your senses and will forever be the laughing girl who lost her mind.

That's what it feels like when you go on a bad 'trip'. - Scary Foreign, and yet - utterly interesting, intriguing, and comical.

I think this is a much better description than the fried egg PSA - no?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

one line from a larger story

"but..", she whispered softly, "i can't just be with one...i have to be in love."
"how long will that take?" they wondered openly.  

how long indeed.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Button Soup

my last post was for something i submitted to the six sentences blog, to be honest I don't know how happy I am with it but I figure writing something is better than writing nothing at all, because it will help me improve.

Today I found a button in my tomato soup.  Actually, I found it as it swished around in my mouth which is what I find most disgusting.  That was six hours ago and since then I have had water and chocolate to try to get the idea out of my mind.  I am still disgusted.  

I don't know what's more disgusting - the random button in my soup, or the fact that I will probably still order that soup from that restaurant again.

Perhaps I should learn to make my own soup.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

open wide

Sitting on the reclining cold seat, with only a thin sheet of paper-like material between my nether regions and the cold clamy leather, I quietly waited for her to come in and my examination to begin.  I imagined the hackneyed sexual history questions, followed by the raised eyebrows and intrigued looks. I winced at the idea of the duck lipped cold metal spreading me wide and leaving me bare for gloved hands to reach in and explore, as if i were a cave instead of a woman with a pitifully low threshold for pain.  I winced and yelped as she poked and prodded and at one point she sighed with irritation and said, "is this seriously hurting THAT much?!" As she leaned back in between my legs and poked a little too hard for my body's taste, my knee inadvertently jerked and hit her smack in the face.  She screamed in pain and surprise and I couldn't help but smirk and think, 'Did it seriously hurt THAT much?'