Sunday, July 25, 2010

it is what it is

the world is full of sadness and death and pain and tears and hunger and loneliness.

that's what it is.

but it's interspersed with bits of happiness and love and birth and joy.

why are the greatest moments the shortest and the saddest the most drawn out? if life was a minute, more than 1/2 of its 60 seconds would be sadness. But the less than 1/2 that is happiness is so amazingly striking that we suffer and we cry and we crawl up into fetal positions and bawl and throw things and feel empty and wait. Wait for happiness, because as short as it is - it is so lovely when you have it..even though, like everything in this world including life, it doesn't last.

nothing lasts. not life. not love. not sorrow. not happiness. not jobs. not degrees. not friends. not family. not lovers. in the end, you go alone.

so live in the moment and enjoy what comes, without being too attached, because it'll leave in a millisecond, leaving you grasping hopelessly at the air as it flies away - a millisecond of a second of a minute in your life.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sometime lifetime movies are just what you need

"i know you're feeling sad right now, but actually i'm a little happy for you - for the first time in a very long time you were looking for the best of someone - that's what you fell for, you fell for the best in them -
you opened yourself up and you fell in love and you're gonna need to keep yourself open to that happening again

that's what we do

otherwise, what's the point?"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

never eat alone

i never read the book - but i do agree, eating alone is ridiculous. You should always be meeting people - close friends, business colleagues, distant friends for meals because you never know what can come of it. Networking is key to life and always wards off loneliness.

There was a time where I loved to be alone - sitting in my apartment with the tick ticking of my laptop to entertain me - now I loathe it.

Today - I had no dinner plans so today I ate no dinner. Eating alone ensues a loss of appetite.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.