Friday, August 26, 2011

a short prayer

please. please.please. please.

love always,


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


hello team

i may begin a health focused blog at some point highlighting different diet experiments i've tried on my body - this will include:

1 - juice fasting
2 - staying away from refined carbs, sugar
3 - high protein/low carb
4 - high carb/low fat
5 - 30 day bikram yoga challenge
6 - raw food for a week (or more)

there may be more - i may just start trying all diets i can - i'll be 29 soon - so i'll have a year to mess around with my body until i turn 30 and my metabolism is completely and utterly ruined.

the majority of this blog has been about my trials and tribulations in regards to men, love and food.

i will now do a quick synopsis on all 3 of these topics now:

1 - Men: I have a strong dislike for the way I've been treated by the one I've spoken about most recently in my blog - however, I've realized that dislike spews negative energy only in myself - and i've seen this negative energy come out in a variety of ways over this year that I simply don't appreciate. My walls are up these days and my confusion is high - but I'm going to chill and let things go and feel with my heart AND mind so that hopefully I will make a better choice next time. Will said male and I ever speak again? Unlikely. Some people are in your life for a short time so you can discover something about yourself and then its time for them to go and really its all for best.

2 - Love: Love is Love. It's great - but have my ideas of love and its whimsical nature change? You bet. Love is attachment - I actually have always understood this - but attachment is love, isn't it? That's how I feel. These days - I take care in what to attach myself to. That said, I've realized you can really "love"/become attached to anyone if you let yourself - physical lust is there, but it also has the ability to grow over time if someone is kind, funny and (preferably) has a sweet tooth.

Which leads me to my 3rd lesson learned:

3 - Food - I still love food. I love the way it tastes on my tongue and the way it goes down to an empty stomach that is slowly satiated. I love the way it is so social. Going on a diet or a cleanse, you notice how social the activity of dining with someone is. Food is love. Love is Food. And perhaps, both are attachments. An unhealthy attachment to food will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy choices. These days - my cravings for sugar have died down - they are still there, don't get me wrong - but it is much less. I don't shake in need for a cream cheese frosted cupcake or a fresh from the oven cookie. I enjoy it - but I don't binge (as much). I still love food - but it's more of a balanced love and less of a clingy desperate attachment.

Thus, perhaps what I've learned is that everything needs balance - the men you seek should be balanced, the love you have should be balanced - both people giving and loving fairly, and then of course the food, the delicious lovely food should be balanced with sweet, salty, heavy light all combined perfectly.

thank you and good night!