Tuesday, September 22, 2009


does it freak people out when you tell them how much they mean to you?

sometimes i think it might.

verdicts still out on this one.

and so..my mouth will stay closed for now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

great good friend

i still miss you, my friend

as i read my economics book, i remember how you taught me - patiently - and how you knew immediately when i didn't understand something - how you smiled, and tried to teach me again, and again and again  - until something finally clicked and i got it.

i miss your familiarity and your intuition into my feelings, into my soul.

i miss you, my friend.  

you were a good friend - a great friend.

great friends, however, rarely make good boyfriends - and this is something i wish i had known so that maybe, just maybe, i could have kept my great good friend. - instead of wasting years of friendship on a short-term strange type of intimacy that dissolved into a hot pool of anger and bitterness, eventually evaporating all that we had before.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


d.c. is not new york.

analyze that statement as you wish.

all i have to say is - d.c. is not new york.

and i do miss my city so.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

frat boys and rooftop kisses

today i got a random text message from a guy i made out with on a sloping roof of a beer pong party, in a goalie net of a soccer field, in an elevator, and once while he was handcuffed to a bed.

it was a simple cordial text - 7 years after our rendezvous.  from time to time, we speak and catch up and it is generally a platonic conversation mixed with random reminiscing.

i've kept in touch with 2.5 out of the x males I spent time with during my undergraduate years.

the others were unable to sustain a friendship - perhaps it was both-sided.

irregardless, i like these random calls and text messages i get from these random males of my younger, more naive  days.  Reminiscing about these past random free-flying experiences makes me happy, and staying in touch with random people from my past is always nice.