Sunday, January 16, 2011


didn't even last a day with any of my challenges!

though i have drank green tea for the past 2 days - i may remove that one though since caffeine isn't really something to challenge yourself to drink more of.

ok - vitamin challenge and cab challenge will begin tomorrow - let's go slower with these challenges.

diet this weekend was poor - but workouts were intensive so at least that's balanced.

let's see how this week goes!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


now a great blog:


Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Challenges Time!

below are some challenges - actionable items that i would like to complete between now and feb. 28th

1 - do bikram yoga for 1 week straight.
2 - do boxing for 1 week straight
3 - eat no chocolate for 1 week straight
4 - refrain from discussing hackneyed subject matter for 2 weeks straight
5 - take no cabs for 2 weeks straight (i had put 3 wks here, but let's be practical)
6 - make my own meals for 1 week straight (no eating out/take out)
7 - eat all my vitamins (4) every day for 2 weeks straight (VERY CHALLENGING!!!)

my hope is that by pursuing these challenges for just 1-2 weeks, i will make them habits and have them stick.

so lets start.

things i will start tomorrow are #4, #5 and #7. the rules are that if i mess up during my week-2 week challenge time, i have to restart the challenge all over again!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

food log

I really am enjoying the iPhone App - 'Lose it!' - it lets you plug in all your food and exercises of the day and calculates how many cals consumed and how many expended - it also tells you how many cals you should consume to get you to your goal weight. - i recommend!

anyways - today i may go over my allotted 1042 cals..let's see

b - 2 egg whites, 1 egg w/ tomatoes and peppers
l - starbucks oatmeal with 100 calories of dried fruit and almonds (not 200 calories - i only used 1/2 of each of the packets and that was more than enough
snacks - a handful of dark chocolate covered edamame (i'll estimate that to be 100 calories) and about 7 pieces of dried mango

no workout today - but maybe late late tonight i'll motivate myself to do some to nix some of these cals.

i was starving today - jillian michaels' 'making the cut' really did it yesterday - i recommend this book.

this weekend is looking good - i will splurge here and there but hope to stay within my allotted calorie amount (or just run to expend any excess cals!)

in other news - i'm going to try something new - i'm not going to vent or bitch to anyone about the usual things. instead, i'm going to fake it to make it. studies say that when you just do the action of smiling, lifting those corners of your mouth, you actually end up feeling better. soo, as many yoga teachers have told me at one point or another, i shall "FAKE IT TO MAKE IT!"

moving on and up this 2011.

will also avoid anyone who makes me feel agitated or down. happy people only please.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i'm not giving up and i'm not getting sensitive


so things did not work out with my 1st love. it's sad. 5 months later, we hardly speak and its still sad. but you know what? i'm not going to give up.

the other day i went on a date - my first 1st date in years and it was fun. The idea of possibility and flirtation swirled through the air, and you know what? I may never see him again. He may not be interested. Things may not work out - but the fact that I went, had fun and felt that possibility - which I haven't felt in so long, means that its all going to be ok.

Maybe that guy isn't the guy, maybe he is. Either way its all going to be ok.

If he's not the guy, I'll go out with someone else, and if he's not, I'll try another and another and another until I finally find the RIGHT one.

Even though I'm sad about my 1st real love lost, even though somedays I still cry and feel frustrated, the fact that one date with a stranger made me feel happy and hopeful speaks volumes.

If a date with a stranger can make me feel that way, just imagine how it will feel when I finally meet the guy I'm supposed to marry and have children with? Imagine how amazing it will feel. Then these past loves will be just fleeting memories that I smile about in my middle age as I shake my head at how love-sick I was and how in the end, it all brought me to you...the person I'm supposed to be with.

I know a lot of you are probably rolling your eyes..a lot of my friends who read this may even remove me from their blog readings...I'm being mushy and sugary and border-line obsessed with this idea but I don't care b/c I need this post to come back to when I'm feeling remind myself..that hey! life is great. and at the end, I will be happy and in love.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ho ho - holiday weight

i was a glutton for the past well, really since september i've been pretty gluttonous.

i just finished skimming thru (yet again) my copy of jillian michaels' "making the cut" workout and weightloss book and i've (yet again) become motivated.

i remember when i eat healthy and work out, i feel my best because i look my best - and i really need to get back there again. so, from tomorrow the 10th to the 20th i will be working out hard and eating right, and then from the 21st to the 28th i will work out hard and also follow jillian michael's peaking diet for 7 days. This diet is primarily to shed the last bit of water weight - but I figure that if I work out and eat right hard for 10 days straight - i should be able to lose 2-4 lbs - and then the peaking will allow another 2 or so - which is a solid amount in the span of 3 wks.

so tomorrow i will be up and ready to go kickbox at 7 am - then at 5pm i will box.
tuesday morning - i will do jilian's workout in the morning and box in the evening.

now - my eating for the next 10 days will be fairly detox-friendly. fruits, vegetables, brown rice and lentils. no dairy, no sugar and no alcohol. of course, i do have some events lined up which have food at their center and thus a few passes will have to be had.

the peaking diet will be the toughest to follow - its low carb/high protein - which i hate. however the results, i adore.

the peaking diet will also incorporate yoga sweat sessions (as opposed to jilian's 'run with a sweatshirt on' approach)

i know i write about my struggles with control a lot in my blog - but to live a balanced life requires being able to control yourself and know when you need to say no and refuse things. so while this is a weightloss challenge, its also a challenge for myself to find balance and refuse those things that are not healthy for me and in the end, won't keep me happy, smiling and able to fit into those tiny clothes i so adore come spring!