Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh i do i do i do like you just the same

we have nothing in common
nothing at all
but i'm not thinking about this while i sit on your lap
swinging my feet that don't reach the ground as you teach me accounting
i feel small and secure
enveloped against you on a chair staring at a spreadsheet
you are so mature, i sometimes find you to be too old for me
but you kiss me so sweetly
between explanations of allocations
we have nothing in common
nothing at all
and yet, i like you just the same

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

religious scripture

all the scriptures say to treat the world like a forest and remain detached at heart.

is it interesting that when i hear said scriptures, spoken in a language i don't fluently understand, it has always made me cry? its as if the part of me that evokes tears can translate, analyze and feel some sort of way about words that my mind is not familiar with.

then i read the translation and it makes sense why i'm crying - because I have never been able to be detached; because I never want to be! Which is the constant battle - how can I follow a line in my religious text that I just cannot grasp or understand? I am obviously missing something, but even when its explained to me by someone more in touch with their religious roots, it makes no sense. I want to feel and be attached, regardless of any pain it may or may not cause. Because oh! when it doesn't cause pain...oh! it is pure pure, amazing awesome joy. So the pain, is worth it for the joy. But then, why do these learned pious teachers state over and over again to remain detached? I don't understand...and I'm scared to understand..which is why I think I cry - because I never want to be detached. What's life without attachments? Calmer? possibly. Lonelier? I think, most definitely.

Obviously, I am not close enough yet to religious enlightenment to understand this concept. Thus, I will keep on hurting and loving and repeating the cycle over and over till it eventually comes to an organic end and something beautiful blooms.