Saturday, April 24, 2010

pms induced massochism

i just did something really dumb.

and super emotional.

all based on a dream and a lazy friday night where i had nothing better to do but remember.

and now its saturday afternoon, and with ani difranco ringing in my ears and my ovulated state reaching its peak, i decided to do something irrational, ridiculous and really dumb.

most likely, it will amount to nothing and no one will be the wiser.

most likely, my perception of you will stay the way it has for the past 5 years.

my perception that you are an asshole.

but i can't help that 2% of me, that hyper-sensitive, overly hormonal, side of me that is hoping maybe i'll see the you i've missed. The '2001 to mid 2005' You. The one I miss and mourned for like a life lost, a time lost, a friendship lost, a love lost.

but as the clock ticks on that 2% of me fades again, and my hyper sensitivity gives way to a flow of crimson red, that washes out my insides, including the part of me that still feels for you.

until next month, perhaps - though i wish it wasn't so.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sweaty palms

taking big gulps of air, i'm about to explode, but i swallow then and say 'nevermind!'

'what?' he says, 'just tell me...why do you keep doing that?'

sweaty palms, giggles and butterflies in my stomach stop me from speaking.

then finally..eyes looking down, deep breath, and i squeak..

'i love you.'

and there it open proclamation.

because if you feel it, you should say it.

and so i did.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

fun and bingeing

i had a lot of fun.

eating whole bags of processed cheddar fish-shaped crackers and pints of chunky cookie dough full-fat ice cream for dinner. vitamin deficiencies be damned.

i had a lot of fun.

cupcakes, cookies, white bread and cheese sandwiches, wine, mojitos made with so much sugar that the glass looked dirty from the sugary crystals swirling round and round, intertwining with mint and ice.

i had a lot of fun and now it's spring and it's time to work it off.

fun is good. it's tasty and delectable. but it's time for a new sort of fun and this sort of fun requires egg whites and vodka sodas interspersed with miles of running and dozens of lunges.

my fun was great, but winter is gone, and with it goes the layers.