Saturday, July 18, 2009

$1 pizza for these economic times

at 4 am - the sky was turning a light pink and i was just getting home.  i've always seen mamani, since i live 4 buildings away from it, but my food snobbery always rejected it for the $4 cheese slices on 12th street.  

This particular Saturday morning, my annebriation was at its height and my wallet was at a low, so i opted for the $1 slice.  

The pizza was warm, and very crunchy...kind of like an elios fact, that's pretty much what it reminded me of..except thinner, but for $1 - you get what you pay for and at 4 am, it does the job.  Mamani's pizza is actually kind of a better option than the more filling, more oily slices you'll find elsewhere b/c this slice was thinner, crispier and had less cheese - thus resulting in lower calories.

maybe you're not thinking about calories at 4 am - but the next morning, it'll be a welcome surprise.

4 stars, not necessarily for the greatness of the flavor, but moreso for the price, the caloric deficit and the proximity to my apt.

nothing beats a hot slice of pizza after dancing the night away...and when its $1 and light on the stomach, well...that just makes things even better.

Friday, July 3, 2009

1 pm decadence

pancake batter mixed with fresh blueberries
griddled to perfection
topped with fresh home-made tart strawberry butter
and warm sweet maple syrup

a forkful is created with just the right amount of pancake, butter and syrup.  
pink strawberry butter slowly melting on my griddled cake piece, the mouth is full of wild anticipation.
5 flavors combined to create a perfect taste for the sweet-tooth lover's palate.

it is 1 pm on a Friday - and I received this via delivery from a locale 4 blocks from my vicinity.

I love New York.