Monday, June 4, 2012

was going for low-carb all day but my resolve weekend in the end and i over-indulged in chocolate covered ginger.  sigh.  when will i learn how to have will-power?

anyways - it doesn't matter b/c tomorrow is a new day and i'm going with a plan:

morning:  strength training + cardio
breakfast: nonfat plain yogurt + 5 almonds (815 pm)
lunch: 4 egg whites + spinach + tomatoes (1 pm)
snack: string cheese + 6 almonds (4 pm)
dinner: lentil soup with spinach + tomatoes
snack: nf yogurt

i think my lunch-snack may be slightly light -- so maybe i'll pack some yogurt with me just in case.

wednesday will be as follows:

morning: strength training + cardio
bfast: yogurt + almonds
lunch: lentil soup
snack: string cheese + almonds
dinner: salad with ground turkey (yes i'm bringing meat's the only thing that made me lean so even though i don't feel good eating it..nothing feels as good as feeling skinny and nothing brings me back to my fighting weight like eating animal protein (unfortunately)

let's see how this week goes.

next week: my jump back in to bikram yoga after at least a year without it.

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