Friday, February 24, 2012

i dated an alien

it's weird when i see you now in photos in our social-media centric world. i look at you and it's like i dated someone from another galaxy. it's like i dated you - and i don't even remember doing it. i don't remember the laughter, the heart fluttering with emotion; and i don't recall the enormous consistent mass of tears post-breakup (and, lets be honest, during the relationship). i really don't remember feeling much at all!

i just saw a picture of you and i said aloud to no one in particular, "it's like i dated an alien! ahah"

this is funny for many reasons, but most pointedly because the last words i ever said to you were 'we are clearly on 2 different planets'.

isn't it strange? time and new experiences heal all crazy alien-induced wounds. perhaps time is cryptonite (and now you all know that i love a good analogy)

yet still i find it so strange, that such a strong bond of intimacy - can end so abruptly and after a while, it all just fades away. so maybe it is just all attachment - i'm attached so i miss you - but then i forget you because you're out of my day-to-day and so my attachment declines - and as you leave my day-to-day i think of you in a different, more negative, light - and so my attachment turns almost to disdain for a while, and then it finally levels out into this weird, humorous bout of apathy.

and the funny thing is - you probably feel the exact same way...and you probably felt it much sooner than I did. and i'm completely ok with that, finally!

so good luck and good bye - my former flame from a "galaxy far far away"

(that's a star wars reference for those who don't know)

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