Monday, February 20, 2012

it's silly...

but i can imagine us living on a farm...or in brooklyn - me wearing long skirts and juicing away while working from home loving you and your hippie ways.

it's silly really - but i daydream about this happening- us living our laid-back hippie life happily and naively smiling and loving - thankful for every day.

i'm crazy to daydream like this - but i suppose even 29 year-old me is allowed some silly day dreams...

i know i might dig you because i would move away from the urban delight that is new york city. away from the police sirens and trash trucks that wake me every night, away from the high-stress fast-paced environment of it all - away away to a farm, to a village, to a place with grass and leaves and zero Michelin star-rated restaurants.

ah what a silly silly daydream it is.

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